Omega Enterprise Recourse Planning Business

Technical description of the application package

Omega ERP business suite software is easily customizable solution that help our customer to get the most efficient collaboration out of their human and computer resources. The software is capable of handling all their ERP needs within one system, including Fixed Assets, Letters of Guarantee, HR, Payroll, Stock control, Sales Orders, Purchasing and Production without requiring complicated interfaces to third party software. Get a competitive advantage with real-time, end-to-end visibility and control over the business processes.

Business functions and objectives of the application

 An integrated business suite for enterprise resource planning for private sector including : GL, Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, Fixed Assets, Letters of Guarantee, HR, Payroll, Stock control, Sales Orders, Purchasing and Production.


Omega Applications database layer is on Oracle Database.

Omega Basic Application is deployed on Weblogic server, with Forms and Reports Services.

Omega ADF Application is deployed on Weblogic server.

Omega BI is deployed on Weblogic Server and OBIEE 11g.

Oracle Database Enterprise Edition provides the performance, availability, scalability, and security required for mission-critical applications such as high-volume online transaction processing (OLTP) applications, query-intensive data warehouses, and demanding Internet applications.

Oracle Database Mobile Server is used to securely connect embedded devices and mobile applications to Oracle Database.

Real Application Clusters provides all of the features required to manage cluster database including node membership, group services, global resource management, and high availability functions.

Active Data Guard synchronizes changes for all data types even across long distances via a repeater-like capability.

Partitioning divides large tables by range, hash, and/or list to increase performance, simplify maintenance, and improve availability.

Advanced Security protects sensitive data stored in the database and traveling over the network. Data redaction hides sensitive data at the field level at run time. Database Vault is state-of-the-art access control that provides a highly configurable and multi-factored approach to database security

Oracle Forms and Reports enables us to produce displays which show relationships between different categories, trends and provide user interaction with graphical areas and shapes.

GoldenGate provides real-time data capture and distribution between heterogeneous data systems via optimized adapters.

Business Inteligence is the business suite author, manage, and deliver all our reports and documents easier and faster than traditional reporting tools. Oracle SOA Suite enables system developers to set up and manage services and to orchestrate them into composite applications and business processes.